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Emotive Hardcore

Old-post – “Freundschaft und Vertrauen sind das Beste im Leben…”. A little homage to all the awesome hardcore, screamo or punk bands hailing from germany who had such an tremendous influence on numerous bands. I’ve uploaded some songs and yeah…hope you’ll like it. The videos are in alphabetical sequence. I probably forgot a lot of… Read More »

ancst - in turmoil


Probably my favourite metal release this year besides the new Fórn and Pray for teeth records. Ancst is a blackened crust, dark hardcore inspired melodic black metal collective from berlin with ex-/members of bands like Call Me Betty, Henry Fonda or Disschrist. I got into this band around late 2012 when I first heard their… Read More »



Woooah. Hefty and furious stuff from Philadelphia with members of Hot Cross, Nema, The Scarlet Letter, Monster X, Stations, To Tremble, Stockpile and Tigon. Yep this list reads pretty well and Toska is really no bummer. Their debut ep is one hell of a dark bastard and every song is a devastating piece between hardcore,… Read More »

Beautiful Screamo II

Beautiful Screamo II

Hey punx, as an addition to the old “Most beautiful screamo songs” – post here are another 26 beautiful and outstanding screamo tracks. The genre that pulls my heart strings ever a bit more. Always pensive, intense and emotive but yet immense rough which make it so so special. Not to forget the mainly excellent… Read More »

Under A Sky So Blue

Under A Sky So Blue

Damn. This is some kick-ass screamo from Athens, Georgia. Another Off Cloud Nine Diamond. Under A Sky So Blue. A name like a movie or poetry. Brilliant. Their influences reads like the who’s who of the screamo/hardcore-genre: among others Portraits Of Past, Danse Macabre, Combatwoundedveteran, The Khayembii Communiqué, Acme. So you definitely know what to… Read More »

JohnXMcClane - Maggot | Powerviolence | Video | Band | Punk


Now that’s awesome. Super-fast, pissed off 4 piece powerviolence band from Margate, UK. Absolutely a highlight for fans of Fissure, SNF and Sickmark. The music video for “Maggot” was filmed and edited by Joel Snowman. “Fucking maggots are all I see, You don’t mean a thing to me. Blinded by your perfect vision, Tired of… Read More »

Mont-Doré - Screamo


Some massive and epic screamo from Brussels/Belgium for fans of Loma or Viva Belgrado. “Let’s say we are just searching to enjoy a view. It’s all about sweet tension and violence. Expressing the more with deep shouts and the rest. And finally, raising flags on top of things we really care about.” Mont-Doré is great… Read More »

King's Girls

King’s Girls

This 4-piece Halifax based group is one of my favourite new emoviolence bands. After their brilliant ep called “Numbers” which was released on 30 December 2013, the guys are back with some harsh tunes. The new EP “King’s Girls” captivates again with some old-school-style emoviolence/screamo attacks and staggering guitars. Everything is just beautiful distorted and… Read More »



Celestica Very promising 5-piece modern hardcore/post-hardcore from örebronx in sweden. Their debut EP, which looks drop-dead gorgeous, is called “I Could Never Let You In” and it gets better with every song. The last track “Antipathy” is probably the best modern hardcore song I heard in a long long time. Top notch ambiance guitars, on… Read More »